Tim and I stopped in Kentucky and saw Bj, Rae, Damon, Lety, and all their kiddos. It was a very short visit (only a day), but it was so good to see all of them!

Beej, Rae, and baby Mckay
Family Pictures

In the morning, when I was making breakfast, it got a little smokey. While it did make it a little harder to breathe, it made the light coming into the other room beautiful. Tim grabbed these few shots while I tried to salvage the french toast.


Crowell Family

Alisa and Corey Crowell welcomed little Elsie Jayne into the world about a month ago. Tim and I had the privilege to take some photos of the adorable little family.

Alisa and Corey are so wonderful. It was so much fun to spend that time with them and meet their precious little girl.