I'm super behind on blogging. I have probably 8 posts worth of pictures and stories, but to save myself from getting even further behind I am going to post Christmas pics now and hope I get to the others soon.

These are just some of my favorite pics from my family's Christmas Festivities.


My family has a tradition of making a candy village each year.
Sammi, Taly, and Lesil are intently working on their plot of frosting.
This is serious stuff people.

This is the scowl Tim and I got each time we tried to take a picture of Isabelle.

Having fun in the theater room

I guess we should have at least one pic of the photographers.

On Christmas morning we went to both Kyla and Katrina's houses
to watch their kiddos open presents.

Ky's kids getting ready to go see their presents.

My mom's response when I asked, as though I was asking a child, "what did you get mom?"

Sammi thinking there was something terribly wrong with her recorder
when the plastic cleaner stick came out.

Isabelle showing Grandma her new stuffed animal.

We all went to the rec center on my mom's b-day
and played basketball and went swimming.

Bently giving everyone a run for their money

Mckay having a good old time sucking on his tongue

Taly, Sammi, and Addy

Bo being adorable

Colton and the biggest eyes you've ever seen.

Kimball just kickin it with his dad.

Classic Lesil, just waiting in front of the ice cream
until it's time to have some.
Tim was so great with all my nieces and nephews.
Within the first few hours of meeting him, he was everyone's favorite friend.

This is my favorite picture from Christmas.
It pretty much sums up the feeling throughout the holiday.



I moved home about 3 weeks ago and I still had not unpacked until today. Sad I know. So as you can imagine, after living out of suitcases for 3 weeks, my room was quite the mess. My reason for living in this disaster area- I had not closet. Well, I have a closet, it just doesn't have any hanging rods or shelves... it's just a little growth attached to my room. Mother has reassured me that it will be finished soon, but who knows when that will really be. So today, I finally got so fed up with my pigsty I decided I couldn't wait for the closet to be finished. I went to Wal Mart and bought a clothes rack. This one in fact...

It looked easy enough. No tools needed, just piece it together and you're all set.


After about 5 minutes of standing (just enough time for me to get a good chunk of my wardrobe on), the thing collapsed!!! I wanted to scream, punch something, write the company and tell them what a crappy product they have, scream, throw it out the window, shoot the person who invented the stupid thing, and scream some more. Suffice it to say I was upset.

Once I calmed down, I realized what the problems were. 1- it was on deep squishy carpet that gave it way too much room to wabble and sway. 2- I had put the wheels on which gave it a smaller and even more unstable base. So, I wandered my house searching for something hard, flat and big enough to go under my closet. Randomly enough, I found this big piece of somethin... not even sure what it is... in a closet in my basement. We're back in business. With the help of my sister, Kiarah, we cleaned up the mess and rebuilt the clothes rack.
Ain't she perdy? So I now have a clean and organized room. Fewf.