On Sunday March 15, Tim woke me up early... he was all sorts of excited because it was a beautiful morning and he wanted to go take pictures on the beach (we were in Newport Beach California). We got down there and started shooting. Tim crouched down so he was on one knee and made some comment about how he wanted to incorporate a flower into his shot... he hates taking pictures of flowers... but that didn't occur to me then and I was clueless. He then asked me to hand him his wide angle lens... "Be careful though, because the cap comes off. You have to be sure to grab the whole thing." This didn't quite register before I picked up the lens. When I picked it up, the cap stayed in the camera bag and there was the ring!! The thoughts in my head at that moment were Oh my gosh I can't believe he's proposing!! and Wow... I'm a complete idiot! I just ruined it!!! When he realized I saw it, he dropped and shook his head and laughed because I had just messed up his plans. So, completely flustered and without thinking, I continued to hand him the lens, as though that is really what he wanted. He gave me the "are you serious" look and said "No! I need the whole thing!" So, I went and got the cap with the ring and handed it to him. He then, already on his knee, proceeded to ask me if I would marry him.

I said Yes.
Note: he woke me up... thus no make-up and bright purple pajama pants!

My beautiful ring. He did good :)

Here are just a few of my favorite photos of Timothy and I.

We will be married later this year in the St. George, Ut Temple!


I hate math homework

I had more math to do tonight. Did I do it? Well... yes, but not until I sufficiently avoided it as long as I possibly could by editing photos of Kyla's new little guy Mack.

What does that mean? More photos!