The Most Beautiful Part of Boston

On the way to Costco the other day, Tim decided it was much too beautiful of a day to be shopping. So we continued on I-95 and went Kayaking on the Charles instead. Best. Decision. Ever. He was absolutely right. The day was MUCH too perfect to be indoors and he chose the perfect place to be. I couldn't believe how pretty it was. We were just off the freeway, only a row of trees separating us, but it felt like we were miles away. We both decided it was, hands down, the most beautiful part of Boston. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I just couldn't stop looking around and enjoying the beautiful scenery with my own eyes. Here are the few that we did take:

Yes, we both got fried.

And that was kayaking. I Highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.



So when I was in Alaska, we went deep sea fishing. Our guide was feeding a couple eagles by throwing fish up to them which they would either catch in flight or snatch up out of the water. It was amazing. The beautiful birds came within about 5 ft of our boat. Absolutely incredible.

If you look closely in the water, you can see the floating fish he's about to grab.

This is the octopus my brother caught. Our guide said he hadn't seen on in over 20 years. Pretty awesome eh?



I just learned of the passing of a high school friend. Although I didn't know her extremely well, the news came hard and hit a little close to home. With the passing of my dad being so recent, anything along those lines has been especially hard to bear. Both deaths were unexpected, one a heart attack and the other a car accident. It should remind us all how short this life truly is. How precious is this time we have. None of us can afford to get caught up in the things of this life. There are so many distractions all around us and each one is just another thing to distract us from our true purpose and goal of drawing closer to Christ. Don't let the world distract you. Stay focused and stay strong. We can never know which day will be our last.



The train ride to the ship
On the way to Glacier Bay
Playin' around with lens flair