I'm still alive!

I realized that it has been more than 6 months since my last post.

I'm lame.

Just in case anyone is still reading this, I am still alive and life is wonderful!

I am living in St. George where summer is knocking on our door, school is finally done, AND I am getting married in less than 6 weeks!!!

These 6 weeks better go by fast! ...but not too fast, because I still need to finish planning...

Here are a few photos from a long time ago that I never posted

This was in Hawaii. We got to go with my family over Thanksgiving last year
(I know, I'm pathetic for not posting)

We got to take a cross country road trip last fall.
We were lucky enough to catch some colors.
I LOVE Boston in the fall.

Tim's sister Julie took this one of us in Alabama.
We got to stop there twice on our road trip (there and back).
Hopefully I'll get back on the blogging train and post more of our adventures soon.


Damon and Lety's Family

Just wanted to let y'all know that I posted some photos of Damon and Lety's photoshoot on our

Take a look if you'd like :)

Here's a little preview with one of my favorites


Alright... Alright Already!

So... quite literally EVERYONE in my family has been asking me when I am going to get photos of Kiarah's wedding up...


I have posted some photos on our photography blog as well as made an album in our online store front.

Just click on the link that says "Kiarah and James Taylor" and type in the password "kjtaylor"

Hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you think!


"Wow, you must have a really nice camera!"

I always have to laugh a little when someone says this to me. It's not that I get offended by any means, I just don't necessarily understand the logic.

Tell me this... When you are eating a delicious dinner, do you say to the chef "You must have great pots and pans!" No, because while the pots and pans enable the meal to be made (and I'm sure their quality has some effect), we all know they didn't actually do the work. The chef did.

The same is true for photography. The camera is simply a tool... a medium through which artists can create what they see in their mind's eye.

It's really no big deal, just something to keep in mind. The next time you compliment a photo, give the photographer his or her dues.


More Blogs and a Website!

Just thought I'd let y'all know that Tim and I now have a personal blog together along with our professional blog and website!

Check them out!

We'll probably update the professional blog more than the personal one, but check both just in case :)


The Beloved Longfellow Park Building

The church building I attended in Boston burnt down today. This building holds such a special place in my heart. It holds so many fun and wonderful memories and I have had several significant and life-changing learning experiences there. It truly breaks my heart to see it burn.

You can read more about it and see more photos here and here.



On Sunday March 15, Tim woke me up early... he was all sorts of excited because it was a beautiful morning and he wanted to go take pictures on the beach (we were in Newport Beach California). We got down there and started shooting. Tim crouched down so he was on one knee and made some comment about how he wanted to incorporate a flower into his shot... he hates taking pictures of flowers... but that didn't occur to me then and I was clueless. He then asked me to hand him his wide angle lens... "Be careful though, because the cap comes off. You have to be sure to grab the whole thing." This didn't quite register before I picked up the lens. When I picked it up, the cap stayed in the camera bag and there was the ring!! The thoughts in my head at that moment were Oh my gosh I can't believe he's proposing!! and Wow... I'm a complete idiot! I just ruined it!!! When he realized I saw it, he dropped and shook his head and laughed because I had just messed up his plans. So, completely flustered and without thinking, I continued to hand him the lens, as though that is really what he wanted. He gave me the "are you serious" look and said "No! I need the whole thing!" So, I went and got the cap with the ring and handed it to him. He then, already on his knee, proceeded to ask me if I would marry him.

I said Yes.
Note: he woke me up... thus no make-up and bright purple pajama pants!

My beautiful ring. He did good :)

Here are just a few of my favorite photos of Timothy and I.

We will be married later this year in the St. George, Ut Temple!