I'm still alive!

I realized that it has been more than 6 months since my last post.

I'm lame.

Just in case anyone is still reading this, I am still alive and life is wonderful!

I am living in St. George where summer is knocking on our door, school is finally done, AND I am getting married in less than 6 weeks!!!

These 6 weeks better go by fast! ...but not too fast, because I still need to finish planning...

Here are a few photos from a long time ago that I never posted

This was in Hawaii. We got to go with my family over Thanksgiving last year
(I know, I'm pathetic for not posting)

We got to take a cross country road trip last fall.
We were lucky enough to catch some colors.
I LOVE Boston in the fall.

Tim's sister Julie took this one of us in Alabama.
We got to stop there twice on our road trip (there and back).
Hopefully I'll get back on the blogging train and post more of our adventures soon.

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Philip and Jaime Connor said...

Those six weeks are going to fly by! We can't wait to come and see you guys. So excited!